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Lonely but not alone – Gedanken eines Teenagers

Dieser Teenager hat auf wunderbare Weise seine Gedanken zu Papier gebracht und mir erlaubt, diese hier anonym zu veröffentlichen.

Viele Menschen mit Hochbegabung fühlen sich ganz ähnlich.

Findest Du dich wieder in diesen Gedanken? Geht es Dir auch so?

All by myself

Sometimes I feel, like I’m inbetween of everything.
I‘m not quite there, but also not gone completely.
I‘m watching and listening, but not talking. The air around me doesn’t let me breathe.
I‘m trying to go my own way, while I crave company. A room filled with people and I’m stuck with my thoughts.

I‘m lonely, but not alone.

I want them to see me and estimate me,
but I don‘t wanna take up too much space.
So I stay quiet when I wanna speak, scared of opinions.
So I walk with my head low, trying to fit in.
So I make up stuff I like, and don‘t like.
Because I want to fit in.
Because I want to be liked.
Because I don’t want them to think I’m arrogant or a nerd,
a freak or an outsider.
All that, just to be like them.
And in the end, I’m still all by myself.